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For some reason, this can be so difficult! But brains need rest, especially after being jostled by an injury. It helps to set aside specific times for not doing anything, preferably in a dark, quiet place where you can let your brain relax completely. Doing this as part of your daily routine is best..

Our first full day in Israel was a great one. We woke up early and started with a hike in the Gilbun reserve. It was probably the most diverse hike I have ever done. In the energy industry, the need for change is no longer debatable. Beyond the danger of complete dependence on foreign oil when both global politics and gas prices are more volatile than ever, the environmental impact of burning millions of gallons of fossil fuels faster than we can say “greenhouse gases” is beginning to sink into the general consciousness. So what's the answer? Some say it's hydrogen, which is a brilliant alternative but ultimately raises some complex questions about safety.

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Do not try to stand up too early or you will hit the water face first! Once you feel the board has reached its plane, it will begin to feel smooth, turn your front hip to the handle to get into a straight riding position. That's how to get up on a wakeboard. Congratulations, you have completed your first lesson.

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