After the surgery, I began using a partially unrolled condom

In his indomitable way, Bryson bombards us with facts and figures, statistics and exploded myths and presented with such lack of real criticism or prejudice. He just tells it like it is from his usually quirky point of view. Equally serious in parts as it is funny, it really is fascinating stuff and a thoroughly good read..

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In the baroness’ telling, her trip was independent of the regime's desire to improve its image abroad and mostly concerned with meeting civilians suffering because of the conflict. She cited her time with those people and invitations from the country's grand mufti and the Syrian Orthodox patriarch without mentioning that civilians in regime held areas are the most likely to support Assad and fear criticizing him, or that both those religious leaders have been publicly supportive of Assad's rule. Those who see the dictator as a potential partner claim it would have been foolish for him to use nerve gas when he seemed stronger than ever and Trump has repeatedly expressed such thinking in private, according to Politico.